Have I become a tree hugging vegan?

This last year I have been travelling and my friends and family have been making jokes about me becoming a hippie, however i AM starting to fit the stereotype…I’ve decided to become a vegan haha! Now i know the stigma  that surrounds vegans i.e.they’re obnoxious, narcissist, extreme tree hugging hippies. That’s not me I just don’t feel comfortable eating meat or any other animal products anymore. Its something I’ve wanted to do for many years now every time i see the shelves at the supermarkets full of meat i feel a deep sense of guilt, how can i call myself an animal lover and yet eat them knowing what they have suffered and knowing i am contributing to that pain daily?  This is mainly because once the video finishes its out of sight out of mind and yes i do love meat its delicious, its fucking delicious and all vegans know it!

But today i committed to trying veganism after watching a documentary called Earthlings, (you can watch it for free here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=opj0_3L1l88) its about how humans exploit animals through various trades. I would be going vegetarian but i hardly eat dairy anyway apart from chocolate, I googled some vegan foods being a chocolate lover i was concerned that i would miss my best pal of 26 years! but i discovered my two favorite chocolate bars, Bourneville and Ritter Sport Marzipan are both vegan (I learned this at http://www.peta.org.uk/blog/11-of-the-best-vegan-chocolate-fixes-and-where-to-buy-them/.

After hours of researching, abit of crying, watching videos on youtube ive decided once and for all to TRY and become vegan as of Monday (i already have a fridge full of food I dont want to waste) i’m going to try and become a vegan, ill possible fail next time i walk past a bbq and smell those burgers, but i’m to be honest about the times i fail and im willing to try and im writing this blog for anyone who is interested in becoming a vegan so they can follow my journey and see how it goes!

As i mentioned earlier I am travelling so will also be using this blog to share tales of my trip. I’m not a very good writer so please bear with me 🙂

Ashleigh Green x